Jensen provided value engineering (design constructability) to CHS to replace large failing grain bin floors. Each floor replacement includes installation of reinforced concrete and an automated auger sweep system utilized for bin clean-out.

Project Size

82’ Diameter and 200 CY of concrete per bin

Self Performed
Services Provided

Concrete demolition/removal, grading work, reinforcing, concrete placement and new auger sweep system.

Project Markets


CHS Inc. has found J.R. Jensen to be one of the most reliable construction companies we work with. Jensen provides services for CHS such as concrete patching on our silos to replacing the concrete slabs in our steel storage tanks. They have replaced gear boxes locate on the top of the elevator (275 ft up) and completed numerous iron work projects throughout the facility. CHS can count on Jensen to do safe and quality work for us!

Richard Carlson - Terminal Manager
CHS Inc.