Jensen is here to make sure the job is done right the first time, on time, and on budget with our value engineering services. By bringing us into your project during the early stages, we can help make sure you get on the right track and stay there.

Value Engineering

Our combined 130 years of experience in self-performing, problem-solving, and design/building projects of all kinds have provided Jensen staff the unique ability to offer value engineering services. In construction, there is usually more than one way or method to provide the same end result for the client. While most often the goal is to achieve cost savings, other benefits include safety and schedule concerns. Jensen can often save clients time and money by utilizing alternative methods that result in labor, material, and equipment savings. Time is always of the essence, so it’s important to have Jensen review your project in the design/idea phase when the greatest value can be achieved.

Constructability Reviews

Similar and often simultaneous with value engineering is a constructability review of the project requirements for materials, processes, equipment, and labor. Our project review helps increase project value by proactively searching for and resolving any constructability issues prior to the final design, budgeting, bid, and, most importantly, prior to starting construction. We are happy to work directly with clients as well as with architecture/engineering design firms. We will determine if any alternatives exist that are specific to each project, including simplifying construction processes that impact labor, materials, and equipment.