When live buried utilities are in play, traditional mechanical excavation poses a variety of hazards to Jensen, clients, and subcontractors alike. Avoid those hazards with our hydro excavation services.

Hydro-Excavation Services & Industrial Vacuum Loader

To reduce this risk and increase project efficiency, our hydro excavation services utilize our Vactor Hydro-Excavator. This equipment allows us to safely identify and expose buried facilities so we can create a safe plan of action to proceed with the right excavation method for the job. This process is typically safer, faster, and more cost-effective than hand digging.

The dual functionality of our truck is unique in that it contains a secondary filtration system (or “baghouse”). This turns our truck into a huge wet/dry vacuum to suck up dry or bulk powdered materials such as lime, cement, grain, fly ash, or other minerals over very long distances (up to 1,000 ft.). Great for spills, plant cleanup, or areas where hand cleaning or digging is not practical, this method lets us easily transport and empty vacuumed material at a designated location on the client’s property.