As one of the few full-service contractors who owns and operates our own cranes, Jensen brings a higher level of control over quality, safety, and scheduling to every project.

We can provide cranes of any size and for any need, with skilled operators and riggers/signalers who are trained, qualified, and certified

to meet the highest level of industry standards for our clients.

Our fleet of cranes includes various size boom trucks, rough terrain (RT), and mobile truck cranes. Jensen will handle the coordination, control, and execution of lifts with cranes of any size. All Jensen cranes are available for rent with our operators and riggers as needed.

Jensen has fully-trained mechanics to service and maintain our cranes to the highest industry standards.

  • All cranes are 3rd┬áparty inspected on an annual basis
  • All operators are Certified Crane Operators (CCO)
  • All riggers and signalers are trained and qualified

Jensen can also assist with the design, procurement, and installation of overhead bridge cranes, monorail, or jib cranes for your building or facility.