By combining years of experience with our full fleet of cranes and forklifts as well as our full team of qualified operators, riggers, and signalers, our warehousing service combines the unique skills and resources to effectively manage all aspects of material handling and warehousing including delivery, offloading, storage, and re-loading. 

Jensen also offers clients ongoing maintenance and preservation services upon request. Large industrial clients have relied on Jensen’s professional material handling and warehousing service to meet their needs for the past two decades.

Jensen’s material handling services and warehousing include:

  • Any geographical location
  • Prospective facilities site research & sourcing
  • Secured laydown yard creation, maintenance, and restoration
  • Modern, certified handling equipment
  • Storage pallet racking sourcing and set-up
  • Specialized rigging
  • Critical lift studies and 3-dimensional lift plans
  • Material maintenance and preservation
  • Trucking coordination